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The best 10 character creation games for Windows

Hello and welcome to our website! Here at lustgames we host almost 5000 adult porn games of all kinds, all are available for download for free at full speed and without waiting. In this page you will find the top 10 best character creation games for Windows. We know how hard it is to find character creation games for Windows, so we decided to make this list to help everyone that is a fan of playing character creation games on Windows. We hope this list serves well, we have games for all other platforms also, just use the search button above, or simply browse our website, enjoy!

Lust for Adventure

Hi everyone, I'm Sonpih, and I'm creating an adult game called Lust for Adventure, this is a 2D RPG game based on the world of Warcraft where you are an adventurer in search of fame, fortune and obviously sex! The inspiration for this game came from other adult games like 'Corruption of Champions' or 'Trials in Tainted Space', games where you have a sense of freedom in a world of monsters and sex. In this game you can create a character with some customisation options, complete quests for NPCs, fight (or fuck) different enemies in turn-based combat, and experience multiple events.


Run around a vast map of a red-light district and feel what a lawless city is meant to be!Find and complete mission events to reveal the secret!Employs Real-time Combat AI so that you can go in a battle anywhere anytime!Each NPC in the town has his/her own unique characteristics and response to your actions.- Multiple camera angles in sex scenesYou can freely move the camera or choose preset camera positions.

Naughty Sandbox

Welcome to the Naughty Sandbox Demo, a VR-ready ero sim that will offer voyeurism, interaction and intimacy with characters of your own design.Much of the technology behind Naughty Sandbox is still in development, but demos are released regularly which showcase some of the features and latest progress.SPOILER: More info

Saint Petersburg Adventures

Originally started as a mod to GirlLife it has now become its own game You are a teenage girl in modern Russia dealing with the ups and downs of a typical teenager. Family, friends, school, job - all kinds of serious, funny or lewd things might happen to you. This is a mix of a life sim and a dating sim. Some events are controlled others will solely depend on your personal actions and reactions to them. This game uses the Qqsp.player made by @Sonnix


Powerless is an adult fantasy game where you play as a big titty elf princess.You control a kingdom of Tauren while the king is sick. Every day you have 5 moves, and then you can choose to travel overnight to another territory. You can explore your castle and talk to your advisors to adjust the kingdom's affairs. Expand your cities and build temples and mills to increase production. This will let you recruit more soldiers for your army. Use your army to invade neighboring territories for the resources there. Rally your soldiers to increase your popularity in a territory and increase the strength of the soldiers in the unit stationed there. Learn new ways to rally your soldiers from the friendly oracle Nyla at the castle.Resources and place names are generated randomly at the beginning of the game. No two game maps are the same!

Lust Doll Plus

Lust Doll Plus is set in a post-apocalyptic semi-modern/future world, where you start alone and confused in a dangerous place, with literally nothing (not even clothes on your back), and go on to carve out a piece of the world for yourself. There'll be a main storyline to follow, but the emphasis is on it being an open world game where you just screw around and have fun.There's a large emphasis on body configuration and gender identity. You choose who you want to be at the beginning, but your body may change over the course of the game, depending on your actions.You'll also be able to control what kind of content you can see in the game. For example, if you wish for your character to have sex with only males or only females, or if you don't want to see a particular kink, then you can disable them.


Silver:Line is fantasy visual novel created by our small development team at Codev Productions. Unlike most stories where you play as the main hero, here, you are part of the supporting cast in everyone else's stories. Your choices will lead you through their lives, and your decisions will have a great impact on how their stories unfold.SPOILER: Full overview

ENF Sandbox

Adult games that are all about Embarrassed Nude Females (ENF).Find creative ways to expose and embarrass girls in a variety of situations. From tugging their swimsuits off, to setting up traps that leave them stuck nude in public, this game will have it!

Elf Adventure of the Seven Sisters

Welcome to Elfing Adventure: The story of Seven Sisters...Living in the middle-ages, your mother popped out a kid every year and eventually died in childbirth. Now, you all help your father on farm as he dreams of someday marrying you all off to successful men...


BMO TV is a 2D point-and-click adventure heavily inspired by reality tv game show games like Stranded or Bimbo House.The player takes control of a new contestant entering the show and has to eliminate all other contestants before they eliminate him/her.You have to interact with the audience of the show in order to gain votes and use those votes to buy items that might help you with eliminating the other contestants.