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The best 10 cosplay games for Windows

Hello and welcome to our website! Here at lustgames we host almost 5000 adult porn games of all kinds, all are available for download for free at full speed and without waiting. In this page you will find the top 10 best cosplay games for Windows. We know how hard it is to find cosplay games for Windows, so we decided to make this list to help everyone that is a fan of playing cosplay games on Windows. We hope this list serves well, we have games for all other platforms also, just use the search button above, or simply browse our website, enjoy!

Bullied Bride

To others Mei appears as a pretty gloomy girl. She hides her face behind her bangs and as a result often gets made fun of because of it. She says she likes it that length because it makes her feel closer to someone she admires or is it really because the stares of other people make her uncomfortable? Bond with her, get to know her, and who knows this bullied girl may end up becoming your devoted bride.Our story begins with Mei once again being picked on by a group of delinquents. However be it by chance or some strange twist of fate, you're there to witness the whole thing. In an effort to expose the bullies you end up getting suspended... Mei isn't someone to allow others to do such selfless things on her behalf and quickly joins you in suspension in an effort to return the kindness you've shown her.

She tried to catch a pervert... and ended up as one!

Wanna take a peak at my panties? She lifts her skirt and entices the man and...The moment he let's down his guard she lays waste to him in the name of justice!!As a bounty hunter catch all the perverts... by becoming one yourself!SPOILER: More Info

Last dungeon of defeat - Humiliation for female warrior Erina

The brave was defeated.The Demon King who threatens humanity appears, and the invasion of monsters has begun for more than ten years.Monk's Irina was a member of a brave group heading to the Demon King's Castle.The party boarded the Demon Castle, but without reaching the Demon King, it was annihilated by one of the four heavenly kings.SPOILER

Cursed Armor

About this game: In this game, you play as an innocent girl chasing her dreams, who is chosen by a demon of lust. She is forced to wear a cursed crown(the first form of Cursed Armor), and goes on an adventure to remove the curse. We invite the player to experience her journey and find out if she sinks into corruption or realizes her dream!

Cos Ro 3

Once best friends, big brother Akeyo and his sister Akane are estranged. When Akeyo's sleazy friend shows him a picture of a pretty cosplayer, he recognizes the girl. It's Akane.Sex at school! Sex at the convention! Sex in town! Exhibition everywhere!

Twin Maniax!

'Our young protagonist has it all: looks, intelligence, big plans for his future, and the drive to make them a reality. And more than that, he even got himself a beautiful girlfiend recently! But everything in his life will take a 180 degree turn once he gets to know his girlfriend's twin sister, the school's number 1 slut! How will he deal with the shock, and with the strange attraction he feels towards her...? Angel or devil, model student or bitch gyaru...? It's your choice! Political drama and hilarious hijinks alike are assured in this erotic comedy. Will this upright young man be able to remain pure among the sea of temptations he will face ...? Who are we kidding, of course he won't!'

Grim Reaper RPG

This game is basically a mix of the anime: Re Zero/Goblin Slayer and some harem heaven lolyou will know what i mean once you play itThe Story is about a young man who dies and awakes to find himself in a fantasy world of sword and sorcery. (Isekai)The man who picked up as a hero by Shine the Shinigami 'WAIFU DESU'It turns out a death god has chosen him to become an underling, and help them prevent the world from a catastrophe.It's up to you to manage a certain guild / pleasure house, and gather up the strongest of adventurers to overcome this incoming disaster.

Desire Eater

In order to save her friend, a plain and reserved witch named Decilia makes a contract with a devil that eats desire,and must gather up the sexual desire power from the villagers to have her wish granted.

OPPAICAFE My mother, my sister and Me

Business is not good for our family coffee shop. And there's a reason for that, a new café on the corner has French maids to serve customers. We needed to find a solution... and quickly. My father decided to change my mother and my sister's outfits when they were serving, and put them in sexy cosplay to bring in new clients. Before leaving he asked me to keep an eye on them. But ... how could I stay cool when faced with my mother's big breasts and my sister's provocative outfits ... I don't know how I'll deal with the situation! They seem to have gotten ideas in their heads since dad left ...SPOILER: Translation Note

Spank or Treat

You play as Nissa, a 317 year old witch in the small modern day town of Smackston. On the 31st of October, she awakes to Sam Hain, the spirit of Halloween, who issues her a challenge: trick or treat your whole town before midnight or suffer my wrath. 'My wrath' here meaning a good old fashioned spanking! It won't be easy on her though as the local bully, Precious, is on the prowl looking for free candy and the police are on high alert for mischief this night. Will Nissa complete her task in time? Or will she be sleeping on her stomach tonight? It's up to you to find out!