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12 Goddesses

12 Goddesses header image


Biden (name changeable) - a 69-year-old man, put on headphones and hid in his house to watch JAV as usual. BOOM! A plane crashed into the old man's house. He died immediately. Old Biden's soul flew through time and space. When he opened his eyes, he found himself lying under a cliff, in the body of a weak and small teenager. He has transmigrated into another world! This is not an isekai where the protagonist gets an OP power from some gods, then becomes the champion and gets all the girls. 12 Goddesses is a story of friendship, love, sweat, tear, blood, and passion (based on the original novel "12 Nữ Thần"). Watch how Biden transforms from a weak, impotent boy into the strongest dude in The Extraordinary Generation. (Yes, there will be a lot of battle scenes and spicy scenes...)


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