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2069: A Space Sextasy

2069: A Space Sextasy main image


Welcome to 2069: A Space Sextasy! A game by HudHugger Studios! Where your choices matter, just like at the end of Mass Effect 3. Fun and adventure awaits as you travel into the unknown reaches of space! You play James (default name) Gardner. He's a young man with dreams of owning his own ship.

But his life isn't what he dreamt it would be. James is stuck working in his mom's flower shop in a small farming community. Life takes an unexpected twist when James decides to take the Starship Competency Test. He'll learn that the galaxy is a harsh place as he's confronted by hostile aliens, slave traders, and much more.

But he won't have to face these challenges alone! He'll meet lots of new beings to help him along his journey. And then of course, he'll fuck them.


2069: A Space Sextasy game image: img0.webp 2069: A Space Sextasy game image: img1.webp 2069: A Space Sextasy game image: img2.webp 2069: A Space Sextasy game image: img3.webp 2069: A Space Sextasy game image: img4.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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