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2nd Chance [v1.0]

2nd Chance [v1.0] main image


The main character is leaving his wife after an unhappy marriage. They stayed together for 18 years because of their daughter, but now that she is grown up, they have decided to go their separate ways. The main character moves to LA to work on a movie-project together with his best friend. This will also lead to opportunities in his personal life.

The starting point of the story is the main character and his life, but as the story develops the story will also follow the life of people close to the main character. We follow the life of Audrey (The MC daughter), Fae (Audrey's best friend) and Sarah (The girl MC meet on the plane in the beginning of the game).

The player will be allowed to make choices for all these characters.‚Äč


2nd Chance [v1.0] game image: img0.webp 2nd Chance [v1.0] game image: img1.webp 2nd Chance [v1.0] game image: img2.webp 2nd Chance [v1.0] game image: img3.webp 2nd Chance [v1.0] game image: img4.webp 2nd Chance [v1.0] game image: img5.webp 2nd Chance [v1.0] game image: img6.webp 2nd Chance [v1.0] game image: img7.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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