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7 Days

7 Days main image


Your character is a desensitized and cynic man. You abandoned your future to serve your country during war times, only to be forced in a position of safety that most others would welcome. An opportunity to re-encounter a long lost love presets itself... But the only way to pursue this opportunity is at the expenses of a broken young girl.

Can you let go of your past and move on? Or will you take apart what's left of this little girl in hopes to meet again your soul mate? Such girl with no one else in the world and almost devoid of a sense of self it wouldn't be much of a loss. Or perhaps... Your own broken pieces would fit with hers?‚Äč


7 Days game image: img0.webp 7 Days game image: img1.webp 7 Days game image: img2.webp 7 Days game image: img3.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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