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A Day in the Life Of [v0.01]

A Day in the Life Of [v0.01] main image


Welcome to A day in the life of. This is a game about an ordinary family that tries to make their way in the world. And you are getting to tag along and make critical decisions for them. You wake up, you are playing as the father of the family. You follow him through the day and get to make some, sometimes critical, choices for him. At the end of the day you go to sleep. Then you wake up again, but as who? Everyday is a new day and you can decide for yourself as who you want to wake up as. Want to be the wife and mother or rather the Sister, father or daughter? It is up to you. Every person in this game has there own lives, will their lives and paths cross? Maybe, maybe not, this is also up to you. Choices influence not only you and your path, but also of the people around you, so choose wisely. A seemingly small choice can have massive consequenses. Please read the Dev notes for more info. Have fun!


A Day in the Life Of [v0.01] game image: img0.webp A Day in the Life Of [v0.01] game image: img1.webp A Day in the Life Of [v0.01] game image: img2.webp A Day in the Life Of [v0.01] game image: img3.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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