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A Quaint Tale [v1.02]

A Quaint Tale [v1.02] main image


This is the story of an adventurer (whom you will impersonate) and of his companion, who also happens to be his lover. They are in front of a tavern and in this tavern they will enter. There, they will find their counterpart. As this place is one of perdition and our characters not made of the finest materials, several licentious conversations will be held, men will quarrel gallantly to the great pleasure of the ladies, and all of this will culminate in an almost pornographic finale. Whether this ending shall be a pleasant one or not is something for your heart to decide.‚Äč


A Quaint Tale [v1.02] game image: img0.webp A Quaint Tale [v1.02] game image: img1.webp A Quaint Tale [v1.02] game image: img2.webp A Quaint Tale [v1.02] game image: img3.webp A Quaint Tale [v1.02] game image: img4.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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