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Animus Non Grata

Animus Non Grata main image


An illegal android, in a world that fears AI, being helped by a man with selfish motives. Animus Non Grata is aimed for an adult audience only and features sexual scenes and suggestive language. The game explores adult themes, with a focus on bdsm and bondage. You play as a female protagonist in this story. In this game you awaken as an Advanced Artificial Intelligence Android (A.A.I.A), having known only darkness and emptiness before.

You learn that artificial intelligence like yourself has been banned and you are, in fact, not welcome in this world. A man has helped you escape certain destruction, but in doing so risks his career and a life-sentence in prison for harboring an Animus Non Grata. It appears he has a very specific idea of how you can repay him and make the risk of helping you worth it.

However, all is not as it seems...


Animus Non Grata game image: img0.webp Animus Non Grata game image: img1.webp Animus Non Grata game image: img2.webp Animus Non Grata game image: img3.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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