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Anomaly Vault [v6]

Anomaly Vault [v6] main image


You are Swallows Deeznuts! Or whatever you decide to name yourself. You work in a shadowy corporation called Anomaly Vault, inspired by SCP and Lobotomy Corp. Perform experiments with artifacts for sexual gain until you're satisfied, with endings in the future depicting you attempting to use the artifacts to take over and dominate the corporation and everyone in it.

This is a short game with as little as possible emphasis placed on grinding or being a life simulator. Please see my Index to find the game's roadmap of artifacts I have included / intend to include.


Anomaly Vault [v6] game image: img0.webp Anomaly Vault [v6] game image: img1.webp Anomaly Vault [v6] game image: img2.webp Anomaly Vault [v6] game image: img3.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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