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Another Naruto Life

Another Naruto Life main image


The first chapter of the game primarily introduces Naruto's upcoming graduation exam. He needs to attend classes and train every day. The most challenging part of his school days is the questioning segment, which is crucial for his progress. Training will increase his strength, enabling him to protect the people he cares about. However, due to the appearance of the lecherous Nine-Tails, women in this world become candidates for the Nine-Tails' affections. The perspectives of both Naruto and the Nine-Tails will be revealed to you. Get ready to embrace the new ninja world that awaits you. Hello, I am the developer of the game "AnotherNarutoLife." This game is inspired by the storyline of Naruto and is designed to create a parallel world for Naruto Uzumaki.

Following my own interpretation of the Naruto story, I aim to provide an authentic Naruto experience. Here, you can follow the original storyline, experience Naruto's daily life, attend classes, train, engage in pranks, and work hard to prepare for the graduation exam. You can also train your combat skills, enhance your abilities, and earn the recognition of others.

Building relationships with your companions and conquering other female characters is also an option. Currently, the game features 10 characters you can pursue, so you can strive to fulfill your dreams. In terms of game setting, "AnotherNarutoLife" adopts an alternate storyline involving the malevolent Nine-Tails.

In the game, the Nine-Tails possesses the power to manipulate people's hearts and can even interfere with reality, making it a valuable tool for your romantic encounters.


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