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Auriga Nine

Auriga Nine main image


You, a high-born noble of the Galactic Empire, wake up on a pirate ship after getting abducted from your home. And as if that wasn't bad enough already, said pirate ship is currently under attack! And the only safe haven in the system is an old, abandoned trading station... Take it over, corrupt your (recently acquired and slightly shady) crew, and become the richest person in the whole sector! ...Maybe. Disclaimer: Because it has been asked twice on the first page already: The protagonist will play the dominant part in pretty much every situation.

If I could, I would subsititute "male domination" and "female domination" for "dominant protagonist", but alas, this is not an option I have. You pick the protagonist's gender, and depending on your choice, it will be "male domination" or "female domination". Oh, and I'm rather vanilla, so don't expect anything too hardcore.‚Äč


Auriga Nine game image: img0.webp Auriga Nine game image: img1.webp Auriga Nine game image: img2.webp Auriga Nine game image: img3.webp Auriga Nine game image: img4.webp Auriga Nine game image: img5.webp Auriga Nine game image: img6.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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