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Best Elf

Best Elf main image


Best Elf is an erotic 2D visual novel spinoff of Faulty Apprentice, following Eleanna and Zariinna. When an innocent competition between the two elves turns into a rescue mission, it's up to you and your friends to save the day! With two sexy elves and the world's greatest wizard at your side, what could go wrong? Since the battle, Stars Reach Castle has been peaceful and light.

However, for a certain two elves, things haven't been going quite right... Is it the result of a contest with tunics most wet, or perhaps two personalities that conflict and don't set, a feud has erupted between two elves that just met.From training proclivity to fun time activity, no matter the task, no matter the reason, these girls have not limit, well except maybe treason.

Has Eleanna's want to be the best gone from desire to obsessed? Or have Zariinna's reprisals gone from taunts to torments? This rivalry is sure to get worse before it relents, and soon comes the time to give your two cents. As Champion of Stars Reach, strong-bodied and good health, do you have what it takes to determine who is best elf? The timeline of Faulty Apprentice: Best Elf takes place according to the true good ending of Faulty Apprentice.

It is a standalone visual novel.


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