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Besti VR

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What We Do: Technically, we're Silly Hoofprint LLC -- A company that produces cool video games, established in 2017. Skunkfrakker, Veelicious, and an army of contractors all work together to produce our vision of the ultimate VR Adult simulation. Our objective is greater than a porn game, though we've certainly made those.

Our most popular game, Besti 9, continues to be a popular adult content game for the Brony community. It has received over 80 content patches since its release, and offers an awesome customizable AI to play with in a bunch of cool ways. This works on Windows PCs with or without a VR headset. Besti X, the next generation of Besti, aims to change that by being the ultimate adult-content-production sandbox.

It gives you all the tools to create and share your content with others. It takes out most of the complexity, while still giving you a powerful toolset to create content that you want or to share with others. While still appealing to the Brony community, we hope to also appeal to the furry, and hentai communities, and we hope to have a little something for everyone.

It has been in development for around a year, and is coming along at a quick pace. Updates are posted on the progress nearly every week, with frequent Beta releases to demonstrate progress. Besti X will work on Windows PCs with or without a VR headset, as well as Oculus Quest headsets. We regularly attend Pony and Furry conventions in the United States, sometimes even doing quirky NSFW video game panels.

if you'd like to meet the team in person ask us where we'll be next! Check us out at the Besti website for more information and even a cool trailer. We've been making awesome stuff for years, and aren't going to stop any time soon <3 --Skunk


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