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Betrayer of Mankind

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You take a part of being an esteemed knight of one of Mankind's many fire strongholds, who has loyally slain many disarmingly dressed necromantic witches, light armored she-elven bandits or savagely naked she-orcish raiders for covering any of ones private parts or breasts is forbidden in Alra's society.

Your exploits have earned the attention of the high clergy who invited you into their closed circle, only for you to witness the depravity and debauchery the previously thought noble priests were unknown for. After seeing that in reality you served drunken maniacs who do nothing but fulfil their most base desires and practice ritualistic sacrifices something eventually broke in you making you slay the members of the high clergy that couldn't escape your hand and mercifully free the last surviving she-elfs that was about to be slaughtered. Will you find a new life and peace among the Womankind of this world if it will accept you or will you fall upon many obstacles your new path will present you with, many of which lie within your own mind? After a cosmic being - a god named Allfather floating in empty cosmos created a world in his head, he filled it with love and beauty. Following millennia of meditation, exploration and joyous friendships, evil and hardship began finding way into his imagination, destroying what he was creating no matter how much he tried to find sanctuary from it. Unable to bear witness to cruelty, wastelands and monsters his own thoughts were giving birth to, he ripped his own heart apart.

From these pieces two new being were given form: Alra - A goddess of women, beauty, water, cold, night and a god of men - Fehtl, patron of war, day, fire, steel, and honor. These two confused beings at first tried to coexist on the remains of their predecessor, but not long after they too began clashing against one another. Each drop of their blood was creating their own beings - Fehtlari and Alranai who eventually, through the nose of the Allfather, found a way into the original god's dreamworld, appearing as 4 meeter tall winged and muscular demons and angels.

A child born from Alranai and human male would create a 3 meeter tall elven race and a child born from Fehtlari and a human female created a 3 meter tall orcish race. (extremely rarely the orcs and elves are also born with wings) The demons of male form began building deep underground bastions, while female formed angels settled upon high mountaneous sanctuaries with each outworldly race taking rule over most tribes or nations inhabiting the dreamworld, spreading their respective god's dogmas, separating the world's society into two mutually hating and constantly waring camps - males and females. Thus, being a male in a female society no matter the race is to be a slave or a corpse (sometimes a walking one), while being a female in a male dominated one is to be a fully covered servant to your man or be burned in many constantly burning pyres found in males' settlements.


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