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By Another Name

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By Another Name is an adult visual novel that answers the question "What if I was an incoming college freshman, preparing to attend an elite private school on a soccer scholarship, when my dad unexpectedly dies right before the school year begins, leaving behind a mystery for me to solve that could force me to question the legacy of the man I was raised by?" What's that? That question is way too long and specific, and no one has been asking it? WELL MAYBE THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN! Explore the campus of Trinity College as you acclimate to daily life as a freshman soccer player.

Forge bonds with your teammates, your classmates, heck - maybe even your teachers - and work together to take your soccer team all the way to the top! Play the Way You Want to Play Choose your avatar at the start of the game and enjoy the experience tailored just for you! You can choose to play as a female character, a male character, or a non-binary character.

It's super weird to me that most VNs just...make you a dude by default. Lots of people play visual novels. Even...shudder people who are not men! :O Make Decisions That Will Change Your Relationships With Others There are no wrong choices, but there are also no choices without consequences. Choose carefully and sleep (potentially with others) in the bed you make! Keep in mind, ALL characters either currently are or eventually will be romanceable.


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