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Castlecry [v0.15.5]

Castlecry [v0.15.5] main image


The year is 1068 C.E. and Europe is a broil of wars for power. This all seems familiar but also different. History has been the same as you know up to this point, but there is some slight deviation for this isn't the world you know. This happens to be a split of the course of time. In this Parallel Universe the values of the people are different then the Chivalry and Piety of the high medieval age you know of.

Emphasis has been placed on Rape, Breeding, and most of all Slavery. Majority of the world is based off this idea of Slavery and Breeding to make more slaves. Sometimes whole villages and Castles are based off a slave population.We are the brand new H-development team called The Open Project. We are currently in development of a Kingdom/Slave management game called, 'Castlecry.' This will be the official Dev blog(unless it gets moved) for majority of development.

It is currently in early stages of development but we do have the basic model down. All we need to do is to start filling in the content.You are about to enter into this world yourself and choose how you will run it, rule your people, survive.


Castlecry [v0.15.5] game image: img0.webp Castlecry [v0.15.5] game image: img1.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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