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Catmorphosis main image


In this game, you take the role of Johann, a typical h0rnyy protagnist, basically textbook. His girlfriend, Wendy, recently broke up with him so he went into the abyss of broken-heartedness, aside from the occassional naughty encounters with his workmates. One night, he received a popup ad about a cat so he decided to take it and order a cat online.

The ad took to a weird website selling cats, which isn't that weird at first until the website showcases their cats as if their cats are demons or something. Of course, our awesome protagonist Johann decided to buy one. However, when the cat arrives a few days later, it's definitely NOT a normal cat. There's nothing normal with that cat at all.


Catmorphosis game image: img0.webp Catmorphosis game image: img1.webp Catmorphosis game image: img2.webp Catmorphosis game image: img3.webp Catmorphosis game image: img4.webp Catmorphosis game image: img5.webp Catmorphosis game image: img6.webp Catmorphosis game image: img7.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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