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Cheating Crush

Cheating Crush main image


The story is told in first-person from the point of view of a bullied student who gets cheated on by his crush but also cheats and gets cheated on by his girlfriend. All this happens mainly in a group of four friends, with a few more characters who eventually start getting involved. The group consists of the protagonist, a shy but open-minded student; Scarlett, the protagonist's selfish and egocentric crush best friend; Michelle, the nerdy and unconfident protagonist's girlfriend; and Damon, the attractive and brave protagonist's best friend. The game features some kind of love triangle in which Scarlett, despite having an extremely attractive boyfriend, has just seen her sexual side awake and now wants to sleep with hers and the protagonist's best friend, Damon, who has a lot of experience in sex.

At the same time, Michelle, who is sexually frustrated because of the lack of stamina of the protagonist, is starting to pay attention to Hiram, the chess club teacher who has been behind her since he was hired.


Cheating Crush game image: img0.webp Cheating Crush game image: img1.webp Cheating Crush game image: img2.webp Cheating Crush game image: img3.webp Cheating Crush game image: img4.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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