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College Craze [v0.1]

College Craze [v0.1] main image


College Craze is an adult dating sim and life simulation game with a customizable female protagonist. With a branching story structure heavily dependent on your previous choices, you'll find endless possibilities for your own college experience at Sugardale U. Welcome to Sugardale, a mid-sized college town and home of prestigious Sugardale University.

You play as an incoming female freshman, ready to make your mark in the world. Choose to study hard, work off campus, or party every weekend. Manage your grades, followers and bank account as you meet and interact with the 15 (and counting!) unique characters of Sugardale. Create your own story and get into steamy situations, all while helping (or sabotaging) your friends, keeping secrets and revealing mysteries about the town's shady happenings.


College Craze [v0.1] game image: img0.webp College Craze [v0.1] game image: img1.webp College Craze [v0.1] game image: img2.webp College Craze [v0.1] game image: img3.webp College Craze [v0.1] game image: img4.webp College Craze [v0.1] game image: img5.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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