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College of Bimbo

College of Bimbo main image


College of Bimbo is a game where you're new at college and you find an old family grimoire. Learn latin to begin desiphering the grimoire, once you can read it you can begin turning people in your life into bimbos or shemales. (The choice is yours). initial Play Firstly select your character details and go to college. At college during your first day go to Latin classes every time (Not compulsory but speeds up the process). Once home waste time until it is 22:00, then go to Charlotte's room.

Take the 'Old Book' and follow through until you arrive back at your home screen. You now have access to the Grimoire (Spell Book) from your bedroom. GRIMOIRE Your Grimoire is your ancestral spell book written in latin. By going to Latin classes the grimoire will slowly turn into english. Castingings are the specific changes that happen.

Spells are made up of castings, the castings determine what the spell is. VISITING STEP MUM To change your stepmum you must visit her to get an understanding of what changes she would enjoy and earn her trust/build rapport. CHARLOTTE To be able to speak to Charlotte you must visit her after 22:00 or before 2:00.

Studying and talking about hobbies both increase rapport with charlotte but after transformation only one of the actions gives you new scenes. TRANSFORMATIONS The first change you will experience is a test spell which you use on yourself. After that the order of who transforms is up to you. All transformations are chosen while in Media classes at college (Choices are either Spell 1 or Spell 2 (See Grimoire) but some characters only have one of the choices) and are then finalised at home with the use of the Grimoire. Spells become available after learning Latin and/or building rapport with a character, so speaking to characters and learning Latin more will allow you to transform them faster.


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