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Cowgirl/Hucow Apocalypse [v0.1.61]

Cowgirl/Hucow Apocalypse [v0.1.61] main image


Cowgirl/Hucow is a Transformation themed, Text based, CYOA(Choose your own adventure) Game.The world has been plunged into milky doom, cities falling under the tide of these sudden waves of changed humans as their bodies are forcibly altered and brains dulled into horny bovine like hordesYour city is one of the first affected and as such is quickly quarantined.Information is withheld, your communication cut off from the world as the city is consumed by the bovine hordes.

The army is not allowing anyone to enter or leave and they will forcibly enter in 20 days. You must survive or escape before that. But what will await you?And can you escape before you become one of them?


Cowgirl/Hucow Apocalypse [v0.1.61] game image: img0.webp Cowgirl/Hucow Apocalypse [v0.1.61] game image: img1.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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