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Dark Elf's Adventure

Dark Elf's Adventure main image


Years later the end of a war, a Dark Elf girl, Tanja has lived together with her foster mother who is a human. When she happens to get the power of darkness, a sign of change comes to her fate. There are 10 different endings that you will see depending on how you will have acted. Which ending is truthful to Tanja? It is you to decide it. * Recommended for those who: - want to fight (employs sexual harassment creampie battle system) - like sexual harassment prostitution (earn money through sexual harassment prostitution) - like pregnant women (there is a possibility of getting pregnant when creampied) * Battles The battles are displayed in a side-view style. Enemies fall into two categories: monsters and humans. Monsters do only sexual harassment and humans both sexual harassment and 'sex attack'. In sex attack, she will be creampied if she does not have a female condom and there will be a possibility of getting pregnant.

Getting pregnant limits some activities so go to a hospital to have a delivery. Its cost can be earned by prostitution, for example. * Defeat There are defeat scenes for both monster and human enemies. * Replay scenes will be unlocked upon clearing the game so you don't have to lose intentionally. * Sexual Harassment A sexual harassment event is triggered when touching a sexual harassment man. There are 10 types of sexual harassment events. * Prostitution Sexually frustrated men will appear around towns as going through events. Talk to them to make the events happen.

There are 13 prostitution events. * Dress-Up In prostitution and sexual harassment events, the clothes she wears are shown. * Endings There are 10 endings. There will appear choices before an ending.


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