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You are a bisexual male college student who has been cruelly tormented by your classmates, spearheaded by one female and two male students. One night you have a dream where a mysterious entity informs you that you are his descendant and a demigod. He imbues you with power that you can use to take revenge on your tormentors. You can 'steal' from them the physical and mental attributes that they value most. Now you have the opportunity to change your fate and punish those that have wronged you. What could go wrong?‚Äč


Demitransference game image: img5.webp Demitransference game image: img4.webp Demitransference game image: img3.webp interactive incest gameDemitransference game image: img0.webp Demitransference game image: img1.webp Demitransference game image: img2.webp

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