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Dubious Practice

Dubious Practice header image


Picture this. You're a brilliant Doctor, but your ideas have made you pretty much an outcast. Your life's work has nearly been stolen by the one person you thought you could trust. And in a moment of anger, you end up using your device on that person, only for things to go sideways and ending up frying her brain a little. Upside is, rather than killing her, you've just turned her into your own personal slut. So, maybe you should have stopped there, eased off the gas a little before you changed town and set up a fake therapy office to further test the device. Then again, with everything going your way so far, and a city full of test subjects just waiting to be met...why hit the breaks? Welcome to Dubious Practise, the first game by Spi and Cassie-Succubi! DP is a 3DCG erotic game, very NFSW (Not Safe for Work) and is only for play by those 18 or over.‚Äč


interactive incest gameDubious Practice game image: img3.webp Dubious Practice game image: img0.webp Dubious Practice game image: img1.webp Dubious Practice game image: img2.webp



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