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Eastern Eclipse

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A deal gone wrong has torn apart everything - families, relationships, and even alliances. Ryu Haneda, co-leader of the Haneda Clan sets out to find the truth about the incident while trying to shield Emi and Hiroshi, his daughter and son, from not only his enemies, but also his unpredictable allies. Explore a world of crime, corruption, sex and betrayal from three different perspectives. - A heavily story-driven game. I know what you came here for, but that'll probably be the second best thing about the game (and there will be plenty of it). I am highly confident about this story, and I am certain that it will keep you entertained and on your toes throughout the entire roller coaster ride. - Multiple Protagonists. You will be playing alternatively as Ryu, Emi and Hiroshi in this game. - Quality Graphics. HD renders and high quality graphics are parts of the package. - Relationship Management. You will have to maintain good relations with not only those you're trying to seduce, but also your clanmates, leaders and allies. For example, upsetting your alliance leader may get you banished, killed, or worse... - Animated Sex Scenes. Most of the sex scenes in this game will be fully animated with choices


Eastern Eclipse game image: img7.webp Eastern Eclipse game image: img6.webp Eastern Eclipse game image: img5.webp Eastern Eclipse game image: img9.webp Eastern Eclipse game image: img4.webp Eastern Eclipse game image: img3.webp Eastern Eclipse game image: img8.webp interactive incest gameEastern Eclipse game image: img0.webp Eastern Eclipse game image: img1.webp Eastern Eclipse game image: img2.webp

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