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Escape to the Country

Escape to the Country main image


"Escape to the Country" is a first-person adult HTML game where you control the male mc that you can name how you want. Following several lockdowns over the last couple of years, you and your girlfriend are fed up of the city, and decide to leave it all behind for the peace and quiet of the countryside. You quickly found the house of your dreams but, at the last minute, the sale fell through. Having already sold your house, your girlfriend's landlady (customisable) proposed that you come stay with them while you look for a new place. Whilst initially unsure if you wanted to go, the promise of a summer spent with four girls quickly changed your mind. There will be some minor and some major storylines with a primary focus on conversation based choices & action based choices. In addition to the family there will be several other outside characters to meet that could have a large effect on the dynamic inside the house and the lives of everyone there. Some of the relationships will develop over a long period, while others will develop much quicker. The game will progressively become more complex (without annoying questions making you miss out on scenes or girls) and there will be plenty of fetishes and kinks to explore (before you reject the game outright, nothing will be forced on you and I can rule out the three letter tag).


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