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Evalia: The Lust Kingdom

Evalia: The Lust Kingdom main image


Evalia: The Lust Kingdom is an erotic sandbox RPG in which you get to become a ruler of a sex-obsessed city called Evalia. The game allows you to build relationships with anyone in your kingdom, including unique NPCs that are a part of your kingdom, as well as randomly generated NPCs that live in Evalia.

Anyone can become your lover, waifu/husbando, sextoy, sex slave - the sky's the limit! As the King/Queen of Evalia you will be charged with ruling over the citizens of Evalia. You can change the kingdom's laws and rules, listen your people's pleas at the courtroom, punish criminals for their misdeeds, or simply sit back and enjoy your privileges! The game's main focus is to give the player the ability to customize the experience to their needs.

The game allows you to play as a man, woman, or a futa. You also get to choose what your sexual experience will look like (heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual) and who lives in your kingdom (men and women, women only, men only, etc.).You can have sex with any NPC, currently the game has 12 types of animated sex scenes that are fully interactive!


Evalia: The Lust Kingdom game image: img0.webp Evalia: The Lust Kingdom game image: img1.webp Evalia: The Lust Kingdom game image: img2.webp Evalia: The Lust Kingdom game image: img3.webp Evalia: The Lust Kingdom game image: img4.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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