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FAIRYPUNK main image


Arcadia, home to fairies and many magical creatures, for many centuries existed thanks to the charms, that were contained in its world waters. However, happiness is not eternal, and the Dowafu Legionnaires who burst into the bright world from the dirty mines and factories, brought them pain and death.

The main characters are fairies, who were transformed into a living weapon, and therefore called Iron Fairies. Escaped from the tormentors, they use the guns implanted in them, and the ancient magic of their people to protect a world that rejects them. Gameplay:


FAIRYPUNK game image: img0.webp FAIRYPUNK game image: img1.webp FAIRYPUNK game image: img2.webp FAIRYPUNK game image: img3.webp FAIRYPUNK game image: img4.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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