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Female Knight Interrogation SLG

Female Knight Interrogation SLG main image


- Become an interrogator and use lewd torture to get info from the female knight! - Use rape, toys, tentacles, and more for interrogation! - Through continued lewd torture, level up to unlock new types of torture! - Ending changes depending on how many days it takes to complete! - CG Reminisce mode fully unlocked after completing the true ending! - Mostly lewd torture so still can be enjoyed by those who don't like ryona! - Carry over your status to play again from the start after completing the game! Erotic Scenes: 15 base CG + variations = over 40! (Rape, threesome rape, foursome rape, tentacle torture, tit torture, tentacle rape, wooden horse teasing, anal hook teasing, public erotic sexecution, meat slave, etc.) * Contains some pregnancy/birthing themes


Female Knight Interrogation SLG game image: img0.webp Female Knight Interrogation SLG game image: img1.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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