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First Bite + DLC

First Bite + DLC main image


What would you do if you had the chance at a second life, after death? Put your destiny in the hands of three centuries-old vampires in this LGBTQ+ dark comedy visual novel. Coming on 17th November, 2021 , this project explores the thing that both humans and creatures of the night have in common: The desire to survive. Play as Noe, a human and lover of all things paranormal, as they take a chance and enter the strange house on Dead End Drive with the hope that the rumors they’ve heard about its inhabitants are true.

There they find Laurel, Ilyas, and Valeria, and they quickly discover that there’s no escape, but not all endings are fatal. First Bite is rated 18+ for strong language, violence (potential player death), blood and gore, (optional) sexual scenes (including consensual kink and BDSM), (supernatural) emotional manipulation, and other content that some players may find disturbing.

Player discretion is advised.


First Bite + DLC game image: img0.webp First Bite + DLC game image: img1.webp First Bite + DLC game image: img2.webp First Bite + DLC game image: img3.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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