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Futa Dating Simulator

Futa Dating Simulator main image


Futa Dating Simulator is an adult visual novel with dating simulator elements where you have a chance to meet hot chicks with dicks. When you lived in your hometown, you were an obedient boy of your strict parents. As soon as you moved to the big city, you decided to fulfill your wild sexual fantasies. You don't know what's wrong with you, but you are irresistibly attracted to chicks with dicks.

By installing a special dating application, you open a new world of sexual adventures for yourself. However, Futa Dating Simulator allows you to choose how you will communicate with this or that girl. There are three basic scenarios: 1. You are a true gentleman who wants a long-term relationship. 2.

You are a sissy boy who dreams of being fucked by some girl with a big cock. 3. You are an alpha male who wants to fuck every shemale in this city. Futa Dating Simulator is geared towards the preferences of our players. This means that it is you who decides who will be the heroine of the next release.

At the moment, there are several hot girls who want to get to know you. Mary is a single cougar who calls herself a hot MILF with a tiny surprise allusion to her small dick. This woman tries to look carefree and lustful. But deep down, she wants a serious relationship. Or not? Tina is an extravagant girl with a huge dick who believes that she will never find a boyfriend because of her peculiarity.

Of course, she can change her genitals. But it will hurt her business. Tina is a successful webcam model. Ruby is a short, skinny girl who is insecure about her sexual orientation. But instead of experimenting, she prefers to reason, which annoys guys who prefer more accommodating girls. Monica is a fat nymphomaniac who is ready to stick her cock in any hole.

The problem is that both guys and girls think that Monica is ugly, so she has to be very promiscuous, agreeing to anything. Agatha is a modest mature teacher who makes a special trip to another city to meet young men for one night stands. This woman is ashamed of her depravity, but she cannot help herself. Gloria is an ambitious lawyer working for an international company.

She uses her job as an excuse for why she doesn't have a personal life. Nobody knows about Gloria's feature. This girl hopes that one day she will find a broad-minded boyfriend. Nora is a romantic girl who stops dating as soon as guys start hinting at sex. She justifies this by saying that she doesn't want to be used.

But in fact, Nora is afraid that people will not communicate with her because of her penis. Ruth is a pretty girl with big boobs and an equally big dick that first attracts and then repels men. Ruth is disappointed in guys, so she believes that she is doomed to loneliness. Are you ready to surprise her? Shirley is a vulgar girl with a teenage libido who is willing to talk about sex for hours.

There are no limits for Shirley, which is cool. But the problem is that men quickly get bored with the fact that this girl is so narrow-minded. Jessica is a black girl with a huge cock that gives her a lot of trouble. She is raising money for plastic surgery. But that's not easy to do while working as a waitress in a cheap diner.

However, Jessica has another way to make money…


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