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You've been called upon to Save The Galaxy, Captain! And Fullfill Your Desires while you're at it! In this thrilling visual novel adventure, you are the esteemed captain of a generation starship, entrusted with a vital mission to save the galaxy from a devastating infertility virus. But it's not just about battles, interstellar diplomacy, and psuedoscience! Your ship's crew is a diverse ensemble of captivating characters, each with their own desires, secrets, and romantic potential. As you navigate the treacherous depths of space, your choices and interactions will shape the course of the galaxy's fate as well as the relationships you build.

Engage in sizzling romances, build deep connections, and even breed with your crew members in hopes of counteracting the virus' impact. Will you find true love while on your journey? Can you inspire hope and ignite passions amidst the stars? Explore stunning science fiction visuals, uncover tantalizing mysteries, and engage in captivating dialogue that blurs the line between duty and desire.

Make crucial decisions that affect not only your own relationships but also the survival of entire civilizations. The fate of love and life itself rests in your hands. Are you ready to become the hero of a breathtaking tale that combines heart-pounding romance, intense action, and a race against time to save the galaxy? Will you answer the hail, captain?


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