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Harem Inspector

Harem Inspector header image


Harem inspector follows Lance Whitestaff who is a public harem inspector. He is tasked with inspecting the harem belonging to Lord Maximus, a mysterious Harem owner who has set his harem on a castle in the middle of the ocean. You now have to speak to each of the courtesans and make sure that they are treated well. Harem inspector deals in explicit gay themes (male on male/furry). There are detailed illustrations of nudity and sexual acts. All nudity is shown and there are explicit descriptions of consensual sexual acts.


Harem Inspector game image: img4.webp Harem Inspector game image: img3.webp Harem Inspector game image: img0.webp interactive incest gameHarem Inspector game image: img1.webp Harem Inspector game image: img2.webp

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