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Head Game

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Welcome to the lively and wet world of HEAD GAME! If first class simulation of bodily fluids and hot encounters with your favorite 3D crush is what you seek you have come to the right place! MY VISION As an adult gamer of the first hour I want to resurrect the spirit of highly interactive adult games where YOU are in control! Away with all those gloryfied animation-players! Be as gentle or rough as you like.

Make your fantasy a virtual reality! GENTLEMAN OR ROWDY Using state of the art animation techniques you are in control of how the characters will move. Watch how the characters will react to what you are doing on screen! WET PLEASURES Bored of uninspired representations of bodily fluids? I created a dynamic and yet performance efficient fluid system to give you the satisfaction you long for.

Watch the results of your performance running down the bodies of your virtual mates. YOUR SPECIAL SOMEONE HEAD GAME includes an extensive character customization system which will let you create a digital crush of your own! Change the appearance of your crush using the ingame tools or dive into deeper customization by creating your own user generated content. VIRTUAL VIXEN OR ANIME WAIFU? You no longer have to choose! HEAD GAME supports multiple rendering techniques to complement your character.

Choose between hyper realistic or cel shaded toon looks. THE FUTURE MORE VARIETY!: My goal is to create the most advanced sandbox intercourse simulator out there! Right now HEAD GAME honors its name by focussing on oral scenes, but this will change eventually. Why should only one character on screen get all the fun? Including vaginal and anal intercourse is very high on my to do list. CULTIVATED CONVERSATIONS: I plan to integrate a dialogue system which will let you engage in branching dialogues or hear/read what your virtual mate thinks about your current actions.

I want you to be able to create your own dialogues and scenarios and make it as easy as possible. MOD SUPPORT: Every good game has an even better community. And what helps a community grow more than the possibility to create their own user generated content? That’s why I will provide you – the community – with the tools needed to add your own visions to HEAD GAME.

Using a custom editor you will be able to edit almost every aspect of the game starting with but not limited to: Custom characters, Custom maps, Custom hair, Custom textures (skin, eyes, makeup ...), Custom sounds, Custom dialogue I plan on low complexity mods like textures and sounds to be createable without the need for any external editor. BE PART OF DEVELOPMENT Your support is what keeps this machine of a man running.

As a patron you will gain access to my discord server where you can partake in gameplay and feature discussions. See what I am currently working on by following development on my HEAD GAME Jira page! As a high tier patron you will get the opportunity to be an active part in development by requesting features, characters and maps of your own choice!


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