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Interview With April

Interview With April main image


Character Models provided by SUNR4Y April Conducts an 'interview' with You! Freeform Sex Simulator with Emphasis on Dialogue and Player Interaction (planned) Includes Story driven gameplay alongside Free-play content and a Model Swapper that will be exclusive to Patrons Further down the line, I will be exploring avenues of Player/Character Transformation, as well as more Non-linear segments and new maps Currently Time of Arrival is Cosmetic, but planned content for this feature is: If the Player arrives early the player walks in on April masturbating and she invites the player to join them before beginning the rest of the 'Interview'.

If they are late, April will become impatient. Examine the drinks on the seperate table, drink Gro +, become a Futanari and then ask the player to "relieve" them. April fucks the player. Etc.


Interview With April game image: img0.webp Interview With April game image: img1.webp Interview With April game image: img2.webp Interview With April game image: img3.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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