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Lily's bizarre adventure

Lily's bizarre adventure main image


Hi, This is the first version of my new top-down RPG made in Godot. My goal is to make it similar, but not like the other ones . Quirky if you will. The game is about a young woman in a dystopian magical world. Her 20th birthday was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. But instead, she loses everything, only for her to travel back in time to the morning of this fateful day. This is the story of Lily as she struggles against the authorities that try to keep her confined to her station. It's a story about freedom. Full time-travel : Given the right magic, you can undo time, anytime, by any amount.

(Though at the beginning you can only rewind to a fixed point in time.)​ Female MC , but she's a degenerate from the get-go​ Quests, NPCs, dialogues, crafting, etc​ Stats, skills, character-growth, transformation​ Full visual equipment system in all CG and Character Sprites​ No repetitive combat, no rape​ All sounds and sprites are Open Source and the game is unencrypted ( Can be opened directly in Godot if you want to check out how it's made )​ Currently only ~20 minutes ( ~6000 words of dialogue ) of gameplay.

Let me know what I should improve on! The start of any project is lonely


Lily's bizarre adventure game image: img0.webp Lily's bizarre adventure game image: img1.webp Lily's bizarre adventure game image: img2.webp Lily's bizarre adventure game image: img3.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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