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Littleington University

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Littleington University is a role playing game following your character's first year at a Mysterious University on the small island of Kinmendear. After completing your final exams you've been accepted into a Para-Biology degree with a full scholarship. As a paranormal sanctuary the island is full of mysterious creatures and strange phenomenon. The power radiated by the island allows you to explore your full potential and access abilities you never knew you had. The island seems to have had a strange effect on the local residents as they have a habit of treating the University students somewhat... strangely. Discover the secrets of the island, study hard and explore your (embarrassing) relationships with the other residents and students.Warning(ABDL content)SPOILER


interactive incest gameLittleington University game image: img3.webp Littleington University game image: img0.webp interactive incest gameLittleington University game image: img1.webp Littleington University game image: img2.webp



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