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Lord Goblin

Lord Goblin main image


Welcome to Greenwood, Lord Goblin! In our new game you play a pathetic goblin slave, owned by the beautiful but cruel Witch-Queen Az’ea. Until, that is, a spell of hers goes wrong and your roles are reversed! Now you are the one giving the orders to Az’ea and the staff of lovely maids that work at Greenwood Manor. You’ll need to govern your lands, renovate your castle and train up your naïve maids! The game features beautiful illustrations and animations, talented voice actors and a harem of sexy girls who are going to slowly learn to love having a goblin as their master...​


Lord Goblin game image: img0.webp Lord Goblin game image: img1.webp Lord Goblin game image: img2.webp Lord Goblin game image: img3.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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