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A dating simulator game set in a world where adult VR servers blur the lines between reality and fantasy. Immerse yourself in gameplay built on real-life and virtual life story events, navigating adult scenarios and forming relationships. Make strategic choices that influence the story’s outcome and unravel the mysteries surrounding the virtual world. From the very first moment, I felt this was different.

The loud music was ripping my ears apart, the lights almost driving me blind and that smell... A mixture of perfume and sweat, so overwhelmingly real that my gear could barely keep up. Everything in Loverse seemed perfectly genuine. But nothing was in fact. You logged into the enigmatic new server, Loverse, to find your ex-girlfriend.

But technology surpassed your wildest expectations. You tasted Lovers, savoured its essence, and fell in love with it. And then you were ruthlessly cut off from that world. Now, it's time to dive back into the wild VR realm where anything is possible. You must warn Alice, find the person who attacked you, and uncover the shocking truth behind Lovers.

Fortunately, you won't be alone, as beautiful girls and real-world celebrities from the NSFW scene is here to help you. Along the way, you will encounter mysterious hackers, go on steamy dates, and dive deep into intense 18+ scenarios.


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