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"The smell of decay that permeates the city is sickening, and the sewers are filled with the city's fetid blood and rust smell.The portraits of those in high positions are displayed in the streets and alleys, but their hypocritical faces cannot whitewash the evil deeds they commit." "After suffering, is it really light and warmth that greets you?" The story takes place in the city called "Devon", which is the only mega city in the country.

The city has a huge gap between the rich and the poor, divided into the upper city and the lower city. The upper city is mostly inhabited by company employees and top executives who hold the core lifelines of the city, with the city government and major leading companies. It is also an area full of and gold.

The lower city is for the workers of the company's factories, and the gangsters, who are all triads. In some unknown circumstances, a decade ago, people in and around the city suddenly developed superpowers, mostly among teenagers.Although superpowers are mostly found in teenagers and only one percent of them are.

However, the immature teenagers with superpowers quickly became the most unstable factor in the city, and the emergence of superpowered criminals became the most difficult problem for the city government. Most of the youngsters are immature and can only be punished lightly from the legal point of view, and with the long term imbalance in treatment between the upper and lower city, the superpowered criminals from the bottom of the hierarchy are targeting the company employees and executives. Forced by the emergence of a number of cases of kidnapping and tearing of company executives, the government had no choice but to introduce two bills, the "vigilante bill" and the "special bill for the capable".

The vigilante act gives another group of superpowered people the right to go beyond the ordinary public security, using them to control superpowered criminals. The Ability Act, on the other hand, does not treat ability people as ordinary human beings, i.e., no age limit, and opens a separate detention facility for these superpowered criminals. After a years-long struggle, superpowered crime in Devon has steadily declined, as vigilantes are paid by the state and have the right to override the law.

A large number of super-powered people have flocked to the ranks of the vigilantes. In this environment, the balance between criminals and vigilantes has been disrupted. Some super-powered vigilantes with ulterior motives have replaced super-powered criminals as the new destabilizing factor in the city.

After the first wave of superpowers, no new superpowers were created in Devon. With all these factors, the vigilantes have changed from being the heroes of the people to being the target of public criticism. The abolition of the vigilante act gradually became the mainstream demand of the public. It is in this environment, and you as a member of the vigilante.Are you really willing to let others control your destiny? I think the answer is only one, that is -- Never.

You will make many important choices during, and perhaps even an insignificant choice will affect the partners you have ties with. Is it to become a mayfly for a day in this seemingly bright city? Or become a legend in the streets? "All this is left to you to write, follow your own heart, is the best answer."


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