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Mother NTR Training

Mother NTR Training main image


You play as James, an 18 years old highschool student with gruesome childhood trauma where you see your father die in front of your eyes in a planned robbery. Since then you keep getting bullied by your friends because you look weak and vulnerable. Your loving mother Lucy was an ex-fitness teacher before working with your father as his secretary.

Still, even your mom can't do anything to your bully because beating teens will be a criminal offense. This forced you and your mom to keep on moving to different places to find a better school for you, but unfortunately, that makes your mom unable to work and now in debt. Luckily, your father's old friend Ron has a solution for you.

You go to his private high school and be friends with his kid and he will make sure you and your mom have a warm place to live. This was the best deal for you. It's like killing two birds with one stone. But now, your mother Lucy has to find a new job again. What kind of job will your mom choose? What kind of people will she meet? The choice is all yours!


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