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Naughty Sexologist

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Naughty Sexologist is an adult visual novel that puts you in the role of a sexologist. Hot girls come to you for help because they are convinced that you are a true professional. But you use your job to fulfill your erotic fantasies. Yes, sometimes your advice works. But you don't care about your clients.

You just like listening to their candid stories and giving them advice. And when these women close their eyes, lying on the couch in your office, you jerk off, listening to them. It's most likely unprofessional. But you see it as your dream job. Every session with a client is better than any porn for you. Ironically, gullible women follow your advice based on your fantasies and lust. You have many clients, but you still remember some of them. Judy is a high school student who wants to stop being a nymphomaniac.

She believes that she must become better for the sake of the guy she likes very much. But Judy fears that she won't be able to handle her strong sex drive on her own. Ava dreams of her friends' sons. She knows that it's immoral, but she can't help it. As soon as Ava has the opportunity, she immediately tries to seduce some teenagers. Kate can't have a long-term relationship because she chooses bad guys every time.

This girl loves to be used. First, she fulfills all the requirements of men, and then takes offense because they do not appreciate her. Sherry can only cum when she is naked in public. She travels to another city for this. The older Sherry gets, the more obvious that she can't control this situation.

This girl needs professional help. Ella is a fat cat lady who falls in love with guys who don't pay attention to her. This woman should adequately assess her appearance. But she chooses again and again men who neglect her. Gwen is obsessed with group sex. This girl understands that if she does not stop, she will become a dirty whore.

But the problem is, only orgies make Gwen feel alive. Lisa wants her pussy licked for hours. At first, guys take it with delight, as they believe that she greatly exaggerates. But then they realize that Lisa is really into oral sex. Tina suffers because of her frigidity. She is tired of disappointment, so she is ready to consider herself asexual, but she comes to you for help on the advice of her friend.

Perhaps you will awaken Tina's libido. Oprah is a black girl who dreams of sucking white guys' cocks. But she is too shy to ask for it. As a result, Oprah has to date even shyer men who cannot sexually satisfy her. Vivian looks younger than her peers, which is why she attracts men who are crazy about teenage girls.

They are willing to pay her for sex, which makes this girl feel like a prostitute.


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