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Newlywed Sophie

Newlywed Sophie main image


Play as Sophie, a naive and easily fooled wife as she tries to save up money for a gift to her busy husband Kensuke by taking on odd jobs and, uhh... questionable tasks. Expect hilarious misadventures as she navigates through part-time work and has encounters with various seductive men. You'll probably also question how is this girl still alive with only a single brain cell and her life choices too... ◆Character Introductions: ◎Protagonist - Sophie The main character of the game, Sophie, is a foreign wife who has been in Japan for a few years.

She has a pure and friendly nature, easily making friends with people. However, she's also gullible and quite naive... like, really naive! Lately, she's been feeling a bit lonely because her husband Kensuke has been busy with work, resulting in fewer intimate moments. ◎Kensuke Sophie's husband, Kensuke, is a kind and thoughtful husband.

He's actually fluent in English and quite a high-spec guy! ◆About the Game In this game, you'll primarily control Sophie to save up money until you reach your financial goal. You can earn money by completing quests in town, taking on part-time jobs, or working for other men in suspicious situations.

Since there are several men involved, you can enjoy various scenarios. Unlike previous games, the H-scenes become more intense as the story progresses, and Sophie undergoes a transformation. You can indulge in the thrill of her descent! Also, as is customary for our circle, as the scenes progress, you'll notice more ahegao faces and heart symbols in the text.

If you're into sluttiness, netorare, hypnosis, ahegao, and the like, you're sure to have a great time!! ◆About H-Scenes This time, the game focuses mainly on H-scenes involving married women being cuckolded. Towards the end of the game, you can look forward to even more intense and depraved H-scenes! There are a total of 21 H-scenes!


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