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Otokonoko Punishment Simulator

Otokonoko Punishment Simulator main image


One day you're walking home from school and decide to take a different route home past your old school. Feeling nostalgic you decide to break in after hours and walk around. What should of just been a trip down memory lane takes a turn for the worse. You're caught by some overworked and underpaid teacher with a chip on her shoulder and none too pleased to see you.

Startled you drop your cell phone you had been looking at porn games on F95zone while you explored. After a stern lecture about the teacher is about to let you go but then she picks she sees your dropped phone and it's displaying the OP for a game about sleeping with your mom; worse yet it's a Unity MTL! Horrified you stand there helpless as the teacher looks through your browsing history; disgusted by your taste in porn games.

They're all Machine translations and shovelware games like this thread you're currently reading the overview to. she slowly looks up at you... you can see a look that chills you to the bone. you try to run but she's too fast, she already has you in her grasp. there is no escape... there will be a reckoning, there will be blood....

after this you will NEVER be the same man....‚Äč


Otokonoko Punishment Simulator game image: img0.webp Otokonoko Punishment Simulator game image: img1.webp Otokonoko Punishment Simulator game image: img2.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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