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Path To Discovery

Path To Discovery main image


Alice : Is A Rural Girl Who inherited her Parents Knowledge in Magic, She Traveled A Long Way To The Capital With Great Courage Desperate To Survive And Seek Shelter. (She's Naive And innocent, Doesn't Know When She's Being Taken Advantage Off)(P.S: She's Self conscious about her weight). Quill : Is A Young Adventurer Who Have Spent Most Of His Life Living In The Capital, He Aspire To Adventure And Explore Beyond The Woods.

(Dense To His Surroundings Because He Grew Up In A Loving environment To Have Doubt). Parch : The Antagonist That Going To Get In Between Our Beloved Soon To Be Couples, He Is Someone Who Used To Be In The Military But Got Kicked Out For Bad Behavior And Now Working Odd Jobs And A Porter For The Adventurer's Guild.

(Careful He Might Cuck You).‚Äč


Path To Discovery game image: img0.webp Path To Discovery game image: img1.webp Path To Discovery game image: img2.webp Path To Discovery game image: img3.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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