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Quantum Entanglements

Quantum Entanglements main image


You’ve just started your first job as a Lab Assistant at Digital Dynamics, a global tech company. On your first day, you are told you will be testing a full-dive virtual reality simulator that offers a whole sensory experience. Snowy, the CEO of Digital Dynamics, and his assistant, the quippy artificial lifeform Zero Seven, will guide and monitor you through your adventure and new role. To assess the viability & safety of the full-sensory dive environment, you will have sexual encounters with various women.

You notice that the women in the simulated world resemble people you'll encounter daily. Will you be able to differentiate between the game world and the real world?​


Quantum Entanglements game image: img0.webp Quantum Entanglements game image: img1.webp Quantum Entanglements game image: img2.webp Quantum Entanglements game image: img3.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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