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Rapeleap main image


Rape and "getting fucked back" starting all of a sudden Yuki found herself in a strange city. Yes, a strange town. But it is a town that she recognizes somehow. A quiet town at dusk. Where is this place? Wandering around the town and the park, "Somehow, the rape has suddenly started. I don't even remember being attacked, but I already accepted it, and I feel as if my consciousness was passed on to a state in which my body was heightened to the point where I could not react and reject it. And every time you have H, you are time-released back to "The Beginning". The repeated "getting fucked back". How did this happen? Where am I?


Rapeleap game image: img0.webp Rapeleap game image: img1.webp Rapeleap game image: img2.webp Rapeleap game image: img3.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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