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Re Education [v0.10]

Re Education [v0.10] main image


Mistress Red, a famous internet dominatrix and hypnotist has been kidnapped...and you are responsible... This game explores what things would be like if real mind control devices existed. What kind of person would use them? What would motivate them? What kind of person would they be? And... would they have a chance at redemption? Zach has been obsessed with Mistress Red's videos for years, and he has in his possession a highly powerful, and highly illegal mind control device called a Re Education helmet. Take control of Zach and decide what he does.

Mistress Red is in your clutches. Do you go through with it and brainwash her? Or do you let her go and learn more about the human behind the persona?


Re Education [v0.10] game image: img0.webp Re Education [v0.10] game image: img1.webp Re Education [v0.10] game image: img2.webp Re Education [v0.10] game image: img3.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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