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Reona the Changing hero

Reona the Changing hero main image


Reona's party made it to the fortress of Demon Lord Stenga before getting wrecked by tentacles and reduced to Level 1. With her last bit of strength Reona delivered a critical hit on Stenga with a poison-tipped sword. Her team swept in and, spending a portion of their own life, revived Reona and fled from the demon castle to the sea, and then to a solitary island where men gather. Classic command turn-based RPG battles. Multiple endings.

Endings depend on Reona's lewd meter. Armor breaks when HP is low, exposing her body. Reona can change clothes to change skills, magic, status, etc. For example if she wears a cleric outfit, she'll gain revive and healing magic. The clothes make the woman! Hentai options include sex in the brothel for money, but too much sex leads to pregnancy... There are also violation scenes.


Reona the Changing hero game image: img0.webp Reona the Changing hero game image: img1.webp Reona the Changing hero game image: img2.webp Reona the Changing hero game image: img3.webpLeakGirls cam girl recorder



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